Italian Delights

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP

Priced by the piece weight

14$ 1/4 lb
Prosciutto di Parma 18 Months

Thinly Sliced, Aged to Perfection, 1/4 Lb

Artisanal Salami

Truffle, Wagyu beef, Wild Boar, Cacciatore, Spicy...

21-26$ per whole piece
Italian Sheep Cheese

2 years aged pecorino, 2 years aged goat cheese, Truffle Pecorino, toscano DOP ...

12 - 15$ 1/4 lb
Delicious Sandwiches

Made with Fresh Ingredients on Artisanal Bread

16$ (at the moment not available at the market)

Find us at the Sarasota Farmers Market